Schedule At-Home IV Hydration

 At Bloom IV Hydration & Wellness, we believe in helping our clients achieve better hydration and overall health. Proper hydration is so important to your health. We’re proud to offer at-home IV hydration to Tampa, FL and surrounding areas for an additional $50 fee during normal business hours, $100 after hours. Ask us about our event and group pricing!


Why Should You Purchase a Group Package?

Group packages are ideal for anyone organizing an event or competing in a team sport. Our staff members are registered nurses and paramedics with years of experience. IV Hydration drips are perfectly safe, and our practice complies with all state and federal laws and regulations. Some of the packages we offer include:

Parties & Events

Corporate Wellness

Sports Performance
and Recovery

Our group packages are perfect for bachelorette and bachelor parties, weddings, Super Bowl parties, corporate events and the average night on the town. Enjoy a night to remember with our group IV Hydration packages. We offer group rates for all of our services, so be sure to contact us today.

Our corporate group packages can help your employees regain focus, boost energy levels, and ease the occurences of migraines brought on by excessive scfreen time. If you're a manager or business ownler looking to maximize your office's efficiency, an IV Hydration group package may be perfect for you.

So you've advanced to the finals. After a hard-fought semifinals match, your team deserves and needs a replenishing rehydration, performance, or energy IV drip. Our IV drips are carefully designed to aid in the recovery from strenuous athletic activity by restoring energy and vitality.

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We’re proud of the top-notch services we provide our clients. We have repeat business because our IV therapies work. But we’re also proud to offer our clients group packages. Whether you are a manager of a business or a Maid-Of-Honor planning the perfect bridal shower, we’ve got you covered. Our group packages are designed to accommodate large groups of people, and they can be done at our location or in your home, office, or hotel room

Our Group IV Hydration Packages Will
Complete Your Evening

We Offer Group Rates for Parties

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are a lot of fun, but the hangover that can follow isn’t. Fortunately, IV hydration is great for combatting hangovers. We offer group packages, so you can build an at-home hydration treatment into your plans. We require a 48-hour notice before an event, so be sure to give us a call. Receive IV hydration treatment in your own home while you watch movies and recover from the night before.

We Bring the Spa to You!

If you've never had fillers or Botox before, you may be nervous about the procedure. Being in the comfort of your own home can do a lot to ease anxiety, and the nurse practitioner who treats you will help make sure you're comfortable.


Of course, do you really need an excuse to treat yourself? Call today to schedule an appointment.

We Offer Botox Parties!