Monthly Memberships

All memberships are a minimum 6M commitment. Non-transferable. Unused benefits do not roll over.

Elite iv & shot Membership $59 

Deluxe Shot membership $39 

*$59 towards your choice IV                   (1 per month)

*20% off  all regular priced IV's, IV Add Ons, Shots & Take Home Packs

*FREE Shot EVERY month                      (up to $40 value)

*20% off all regular priced Shots and Take Home Packs

Excludes IV's & IV Add ONs



Shari D.

"super easy and professional!"

Sign up was offered at my gym. I have seen this advertised but didn't have the time for an extra appointment. This was so convenient and in a familiar environment. I will be incorporating this into my recovery routine!

tiana williams

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